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founded in 1997 in new york

Agustin “Auggie” Diaz brings passion, resilience, and a high degree of work ethic to his capacity as a NY State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Team Leader-Owner of The Unique Homes Team of Keller Williams Realty Gold Coast. To him, there is nothing better than helping someone with the largest financial decision of their life; one that guarantees their stability and security. It is upon actualizing individual goals that a bond is then established between agent and client. This is what continually motivates him to offer personalized services and ensure unmatched transactions.


How we started

It took one particular situation to cement Auggie’s resolve to transition to real estate. While he was trying to rent an apartment, he couldn’t find an agent to assist him and when he did speak with one, they were often rude, caring less about his personal situation and simply projecting a bad attitude. Auggie joined the industry to help people with their unique situations and to be the person they can always rely on no matter what challenges they face, all within their financial capabilities. Not too long after, The Unique Homes Team was born.

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With 25 years as a business leader and senior manager for retail, Auggie understands how clients should be treated and as such endeavors to build trust and confidence in both the process and himself. Patience, a dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, and reaching goals are still a part of his everyday work habits. When combined with the backing of his team, his clients enjoy the consistent attention and defined expertise of a team whose sole focus is to meet their needs. From transparency and clear communication to solving issues and responding to questions promptly and efficiently, nothing is ever left to chance.


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We cover the state of New York.

Auggie is also a Digital Marketing Consultant and owner of the digital marketing firm Leveraging 15 years within the industry, he recognizes that virtual real estate and online marketing are key to successfully selling a person’s home or helping them buy one. He capitalizes on the marketing tools at his disposal that others do not have nor do they understand to go a step ahead and offer innovative ways to maximize on visibility and increase conversion of prospective buyers. As a Keller Williams Agent with 5 years in real estate, he uses his unique skill set to facilitate desired outcomes.








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Another of Auggie’s passions is coaching others, a responsibility that he fully embraces as a Tech Trainer & Consultant for Keller Williams Realty Gold Coast. By constantly staying on top of the latest trends and methods of leveraging for marketing and operations tasks, Auggie trains fellow KW real estate agents on how to use the digital landscape to their advantage. This has given way to improved agent businesses even as he helps them optimize on the KW Command System and power of extensive technology to drive results. Overall, nothing makes his heart beat more than the smile on a person’s face when they achieve a goal that they thought was impossible. While financial rewards may come and go, this type of reward lasts for life.


In addition to his love for teaching and helping others through real estate, Auggie who lives on a HouseBarge (floating home) loves camping.

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